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Name: priyanshu verma
Date: 11-Dec-2014

How you know: Through Search engines
Rating: Very Good
Profession: sports
Comment: ILike Your School because of the Students Activities,School Awareness and studies of Your school thanks
Name: Dr. L.P.VERMA
Date: 10-Feb-2014

How you know: I am a parent here
Rating: Excellent
Profession: professor and head Physics
Comment: i highly appreciate the web designing of BLM ACADEMY and it is truly remarkable.The online blitz and ascent school magazines are very nicely setup in a special flashing mode are excellent.
Name: Vijay Singh
Date: 30-Oct-2013

How you know: Refered by a friend
Rating: Excellent
Profession: Service
Comment: Website is aesthetic well done
( Total Records: 3 )